Roll Up Clutch Angle

Not a flimsy fold over, but a radial roll up!

Exchange your love for fruit roll ups as a kid, to a love of roll up clutches as an adult. This blue leather clutch doesn’t have an ordinary fold-over flap, instead the whole top rolls under to close the bag!

This is a neat concept and creates a unique and attractive contour. With a removable shoulder strap, this bag goes from a day dream to your night-on-the-town necessity.

Roll Up Clutch Front

Genuine cowhide leather in a gorgeous dark blue!

This handmade bag is made of genuine cow leather dyed in a rich navy blue color. It has a super smooth and soft exterior which makes it gorgeous in the day, but sleek and snazzy as a night accessory. The sides and bottom of this purse are machine stitched for strength and durability. The top of the bag does not close with a zipper, but with a magnetic snap that is featured on the outside of the bag about 4-5 inches down on the inside. On the top of the opposite side of the bag is the corresponding snap so that it does not fold over, but has to roll under once to snap closed!

Roll Up Clutch Back

Convenient back zipper pocket!

One of the best bonuses about this bag is its size. Although it is a clutch, it is a large clutch so that it can handle all the knicks and knacks that you need to carry with you. When laid flat, it measures 18 inches tall and 11 inches wide. You lose a little bit of room and height with the bag rolled over but you gain so much style. There is also a convenient zipper pocket on the back of the bag. It’s a large pocket with the easiest accessibility for your phone or cash, and securely closes with a dark metal zipper. There is also a pocket inside of the bag for ease.

Roll Up Clutch with Strap

Handy removable strap for versatility!

To add a little versatility there is a strap that can transform this clutch to a crossbody purse. The strap is a skinny brown leather that resembles a belt so it is adjustable and, of course, removable. It attaches on both sides of the purse to two clips and can either be worn cross body or over one shoulder. That’s what makes this purse easily go from a day bag to a night clutch.

Roll up Clutch Worn

Compliments every outfit, day to night!

For clutch bag that stands out above the rest, this roll up clutch is a one-of-a-kind accessory. Beautiful and soft leather in a great blue color that will go with any outfit. The removable strap allows this bag to transform day to night, crossbody to clutch. Not to mention, the roll up is a design is mega cute!

You can find other leather bags at Kurtik.

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