Why did you start this brand?

Urban Southern originally got its start down south in a Tennessee saddle shop. It was born from the simple idea of a husband wanting to create a custom handbag for his wife. With years of leather crafting experience in the horse world, designing the “perfect handbag” for her was a new experience. One that quickly turned onto something no one could have imagined! Eight years later and the brand has grown into what it is today; a company that believes in embracing the future while honoring the traditions of the past, is proud to be a part of the slow fashion movement by handcrafting each bag one-by-one, and is dedicated to supporting women along every step of their journey by building a community that uplifts and strengthens every one of its members.

urban southern bag shop

Tell us about your inspiration?

When it comes to designs our biggest inspiration is our heritage. Our owners (and most of our employees) have a conservative background, with amish roots. We love to pull ideas from days-gone-by, but add fun modern twists; a lot of our designs have a subtle nod to our history. We also are really big on functional handbags! We want to make sure that while pretty, our designs also have a few practical touches, like interior key fobs or card slots. We’re all about minimalist handbags that are elegant yet practical.

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What’s your most popular item (and why)?

The fan favorite is definitely the Crossbody Wallet! A minimalist & unique design,  the Crossbody Wallet is the perfect combination between a wallet and a crossbody.  Three card slots and an upper pocket for cash make checking out quick and easy, while the lower pocket with a secure strap keeps your phone safely tucked away until you need it. Everything inside is immediately accessible because it opens like an unfolding “office” that hangs from your shoulder.


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What are some other items our readers should know about?

The next fan favorites are the 5-Pocket Crossbody and the Market Tote. The 5-pocket is a real stunner with its eye-catching gold accent ring and interior organization. The Market Tote, another unique design, inspired by the concept of the reusable grocery bag, was born out of a desire to make a bag big enough to fill up on a trip to the market, yet beautiful enough to take anywhere.


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What is your most important tip for keeping leather in good shape?

The best tip we give our customers is to USE their bags! Full-grain leather will become more beautiful with age. The more you use your bag, the softer and more water resistant it will become. Over time it will develop a gorgeous patina and the character of the leather develops as it takes on daily wear.


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Tell us all about your leather cleaner. How does one use it?

Our pH balanced leather cleaner has been specially formulated to remove dirt, surface stains and other contaminants and inhibit mold & mildew, helping you take care of your bag the right way. Whether you’re giving your bag a complete once over to remove several months worth of dirt or just spot-cleaning after an accidental spill, the process stays the same. Dampen a soft cloth with our all natural leather cleaner and rub in gentle circles wherever it’s needed. Then let the leather air dry naturally (this usually takes between 8-24 hours).


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What’s coming down the road for Urban Southern?

We’ve got some pretty exciting plans for this year that we can’t wait to see come to fruition! From new handbag launches to new product lines, we think this next year is going to take the company in a whole new direction.

Do you have a physical store?

Yes we do! One of the new & exciting things that this year has already brought was moving to a larger location. We recently moved to a new building where we were able to expand the storefront for our products (including our home line which is currently only available in store, but will be coming to the website soon) as well as open a new vendor marketplace showcasing local Lancaster County small businesses. Our updated storefront is open Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays 9AM-5PM. Thursdays 9AM-7PM & Saturdays 9AM-4PM.

Hours: Monday-Wednesday, Friday 9am-5pm, Thursday 9am-7pm, Saturday 9am-4pm
Location: 2058 Main St, Narvon, PA 17555
Phone: (717) 445-5956

inside urban southern shop

Located: 2058 Main St. Narvon, PA 17555

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