Goyard is a luxury brand that manufactures bags capable of withstanding the effects of time. This can be credited to Goyard’s craftsmanship, commitment to quality, and, most importantly, selection of materials used.

How their bag is made is one thing, but what goes into them is another. This contributes to Goyard’s credibility as an iconic, high-end brand for travel bags, hand-carry bags, small leather goods, and even accessories.

Continue reading to learn the main materials used in authentic Goyard bags and the secrets to what makes these bags the epitome of true luxury.

Main Materials Used for Goyard Bags

Goyard bags are made of the following:

  • Canvas
  • Leather

Let’s dive into each one.



Canvas material

Being one of the primary materials used in Goyard bags, the Goyardine canvas has been around since 1892.

The manufacturing process of the Goyardine canvas is kept confidential. However, its original methods are still used in the modern era.

It’s the result of linen and cotton weaved beautifully together, giving Goyard bags their lightweight and softness.

In a screen printing process, three layers of colors are added to the plain linen and cotton canvas, which creates Goyard’s trademark embossed pattern.

To enhance the longevity of its products, Goyard creates its canvas to be sturdy, water-resistant and built to last. This is achieved by coating the canvas with a light, natural resin.

Unlike knock-offs that you may commonly find, Goyardine canvas will age naturally. So you can expect slight fading in heavily-used areas, such as corners and folds.

How to maintain Goyardine canvas

All Goyard products need protection from humidity, extreme temperatures, and prolonged exposure to artificial and natural light. Therefore, Goyard bags should be stored in their felt cloth or dust bag when unused.

The exterior of the canvas product will need to be routinely cleaned. You must wipe or dust your Goyard bag with a soft, lint-free fabric in large movements. Make sure not to use a sponge or rub intensively or repetitively, as this could cause abrasion.

The interior also matters. You will need to use a soft brush to clean the inside of the bag. It is not recommended to wash the insides with strong cleaning products.

When not in use, the bag’s interior will need to be stuffed with silk paper to preserve the bag’s shape.



Leather material

Goyard uses smooth leather for its products and Clamecy calfskin leather for its trunks. This type of leather is stiff and sturdy, which softens and naturally changes color over time when acquiring a patina.

An alternate material that Goyard also uses is grain-embossed leather. This type is much softer and more resistant to wear and tear than a smooth leather finish.

How to maintain leather articles

It can be tricky upkeeping Goyard bags made of this quality material, so we’ve compiled some key tips on ensuring your leather Goyard bag stays in good shape for years.

The product mustn’t come into contact with water, any product that is water or oil-based, make-up, and perfumes. You can use a soft, lint-free, absorbent cloth to dab off any water or other products that may have accidentally come into contact with the leather Goyard bag.

Similar to bags made with canvas, you must also protect these leather bags from humidity, extreme temperatures, and prolonged exposure to light.


Examples of Goyard Bags

It might be challenging to picture how Goyard uses coated canvas or leather in its products without seeing them.

We’ve selected six Goyard luxury bags to showcase what they are made of.


Anjou Mini Bag

What Are Goyard Bags Made Of

Launched in 2022, this Mini tote comprises Chevroches Calfskin and Goyardine canvas.
In addition, there is a Goyardine canvas material on the inner side of the bag, coupled with finishing palladium.

Given its size and lightweight material, this bag only weighs 150 grams.


Anjou GM Bag

Anjou GM Bag

Inspired by Goyard’s emblematic Saint Louis bag line, this bag is made of leather and lined with Goyardine.

It is also made out of Chevroches calfskin and Goyardine canvas and has finishing palladium.
Its exquisite look is available in 11 different colors, and it weighs 700 grams.


Bellechasse Biaude PM Bag

Bellechasse Biaude PM Bag

This unique bag is designed differently from Goyard’s standard open-tote bags.

Its biaude protects the bag’s contents from elements, such as rain, with the support of the patented Croc clasp that closes the bag. It comes with a protective cover as well.

The main material used for this bag is Decize Taurillon Leather. It is embedded with a Cervon Calfskin Yellow Cotton Lining and finishing palladium.

Since it comes with a clasp that keeps your items safe from water and other elements, this 400-gram bag will need to be gently dabbed after every contact with water.


Saint Louis Claire-Voie GM Bag

Saint Louis Claire-Voie GM Bag

This 350-gram luxury bag is made from Goyardine canvas and is entirely unlined.
This allows you to reverse your bag, where you can have the Goyardine canvas on the outside o the linen and cotton mix instead.


Saïgon Structure PM Bag Lotus Embroideries

Sai?gon Structure PM Bag Lotus Embroideries

Incorporating Goyard’s signature codes, like wood battens, into its design makes this Saïgon bag one of Goyard’s emblematic pieces.

The materials used in this high-end bag are Goyardine canvas with Clamecy Cowhide Yellow Cotton Lining. The bag itself weighs 725 grams.

The materials are used as a canvas for the handmade embroidery of a lotus flower to symbolize purity.


Alpin MM Backpack

Alpin MM Backpack

The Alpin backpack is a versatile bag that allows the owner to wear it in more than one way.
Its weight of 1.8 kg is considered lightweight compared to its big size of 39cm x 15.5 cm x 32 cm.

The weightless feel of this luxury backpack is attributed to its Goyardine canvas article and Clamecy cowhide material. It has a linen and cotton inner side with finishing palladium.

There is also leather incorporated, with a leather gendarme key 15-inch padded pocket.
Despite the soft fabric, this backpack is sturdy as it can hold 14″ laptops.


The Bottom Line on What Goyard Bags Are Made Of

In short, Goyard continues to maintain its longstanding reputation for being one of the most luxurious fashion brands on the market. Its materials are simple but processed meticulously to maximize function and style.

Investing in any range of products that Goyard has will surely give you great returns in the long run, as a single bag can last for years.

Maintenance is definitely necessary, but the materials are simple to clean and can be easily handled by cleaning professionals.

Goyard is an excellent choice for purchasing a high-end branded bag with quality material.

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