Patent, Suede, Saffiano, Epi?

I wouldn’t call myself a leather expert per se, but I’d consider myself a reasonable person who has in her life time come across different types of leathers.

Leathers such as patent leather-the leathers for attractive shiny pumps. Suede is so nice for the winter with the raw matte look and soft feel.

Saffiano, now that’s a newer one which is popular these days, touted to be originated by Prada, it is created by a hatchmark stamping method and wax coating treatment which creates a scuff free and easy to maintain leather. Saffiano leather makes it ideal for bags that get a lot of use and won’t show in wear for it just like Epi leather.

Now epi leather…What’s that?

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Classic Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Line

Louis Vuitton introduced the Epi leather line in 1985. It is leather that is tanned solely with plant extracts and then dyed. The dyeing process allows the leather to come in many vibrant shiny colors and make this line very popular among ladies who want to stand out in the crowd.

Ladies loved and love today the exclusivity of the designs as well as the durability, being almost scratch resistant and water resistant, making it practical for every day use.

Today the Epi line is more exclusive in that the price range for Epi leather is almost twice that of the monogramed canvas bags in the LV line.

Epi leather is known for its smooth, matte finish as well as its signature vibrant and vivid colors. Anyone who has walked into the LV store can recognize the colorful deep yellows, reds, and purples that look almost like shiny art sculptures.

Epi leather has a horizontal grain, if you look closely you can see the subtle tonal differences between the rises and grooves of the leather creating an overall even polished shine to its surface. Although rigid, Epi bags allow for a natural stretch to them; when combined with the structured design, make for a fabulous feel and look.

The Epi leather is the very first leather LV introduced to their collection.

Taking Care of Your Epi Leather

Due to Epi leather’s durability a damp cloth is all that is needed to keep the bag clean. Even though Epi leather is scuff resistant, avoid contacting rough surfaces. The leather surface is water resistant (not the entire bag) so all you have to do is wipe down if it gets wet from the rain or have a unfortunate mishap of having a drink spilt on it.

Nothing is impervious to sun exposure-the bags should be protected from the sun and excess amounts of heat in order to prevent any unusual discoloration. Pack with tissue paper or filler to maintain the bag’s structure and store in the dust bag. This way, you can enjoy your Epi leather for many years to come.

If you have a damaged Louis Vuitton, visit this page.

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