With Hermès Birkin bags being available in a wide array of shapes and sizes, it may not be easy to decide which is the best for you. Perhaps you’d prefer a highly demanded size but are unsure what that could be.

Don’t worry – we’ve found the answer.

Here’s our guide on what you need to know about Birkin bag sizes, so let’s take a look!


Does the Size of a Hermès Birkin Bag Matter?

With countless fashionistas, beauty influencers, models, and celebrities branding the Birkin bag on their arms, whether during glamorous red carpets or an outing, it is an understatement to say that the Hermès Birkin bag is a mere luxury fashion staple.

The Birkin is an elegant classic that has gained its iconic status in the fashion industry for its expert craftsmanship and fine attention to detail.

Therefore, you should carefully consider the color, material, hardware, and size of a Birkin bag for your next fashion accessory.

Size definitely matters when it comes to Birkin bags. However, what is deemed the best size varies depending on who you ask.

At the end of the day, what matters is that you choose a Birkin bag size that matches your fashion sense, is proportionate to your body and can keep up with your lifestyle.

We’ll highlight the advantages of each size and how each suits different lifestyles.


What Is the Most Popular Size for Hermès Birkin Bags?

What Is The Most Popular Size Hermes Birkin Bag

The Hermès Birkin 30 is the most popular size among the iconic Birkin bags, with the Birkin Bag 25 being the second most popular.

Lightweight and 22 cm in height, the Birkin Bag 30 is suitable for daily wear. We’ll get into more detail on how it could suit your lifestyle later on.

What Sizes do Hermès Birkin Bags Come in?

Since its introduction in 1984, there have been four essential Birkin bag sizes. The naming of each size reflects the length of the bag’s base, measured in centimeters.

The first size introduced is the Birkin Bag 35, which measures 35 centimeters along its base. Afterward came the Birkin Bag 40, then the Birkin Bag 30, and finally the Birkin Bag 25, also affectionately known as Baby Birkin for being the smallest.

Hermès also released Birkin 20 and Birkin 15 in limited editions.

Let’s take a closer look at the size differences below.

Birkin bag size comparison

Birkin Bag 25

Introduced in 2004 due to popular demand for Hermès bags in the Asian market, where women have smaller body sizes than their Western counterparts, the Baby Birkin measures 25 cm x 20 cm x 13 cm.

The launch was also in response to the larger Birkin bag sizes being too big and heavy.

However, the Birkin Bag 25 has a handle drop one inch shorter than its larger counterparts because it is the smallest size. The size of its handle drop prevents the bag from being worn over the owner’s forearm when they have a jacket or coat on, so it has to be carried by hand.


Birkin Bag 30

This Birkin measures 30 cm x 22 cm x 16 cm, making it a crowd favorite thanks to its comfortable and compact size. You could even say it fits the Goldilocks rule, where it isn’t too small or too big. It’s just right!

One popular Birkin Bag 30 is the Togo model, made of crocodile skin.


Birkin Bag 35

This luxurious Birkin measures 35 cm x 25 cm x 18 cm; it was once highly favored among collectors.

But it has since lost its appeal among the younger generation, although still sought after by large toter lovers or those needing to carry many items at once.

Its size is both its strength and weakness. It allows the Birkin owner to store a large volume of belongings securely, but the more items kept in capacity, the heavier it feels to carry. This fact is more noticeable if the Birkin model has no shoulder strap.


Birkin Bag 40

Last but not least, the Birkin 40 measures a whopping 40 cm x 30 cm x 21 cm. As a result, this stylish bag may be seen as too large to be used daily by some.

It has enough space to hold a laptop and folders for when you need to go to work while still having enough room for the essentials. As a result, the Birkin 40 is prized for its successful feminine spin on the typical briefcase and for being a stunning travel bag.


Which Hermès Birkin Bag Size Suits Your Needs?

A versatile bag can be useful for any event or activity. But, on the other hand, sometimes you can only wear a particular bag because of its style and design.

For Birkin bags, we’ve highlighted three types of needs and which would be best suited for each.



Whether you’re rocking the vibe of a stylish CEO or a corporate professional’s elegant yet hardworking look, carrying a Birkin 35 is perfect for heading to the office.

It fits everything the modern worker needs: a touchscreen tablet, a water bottle, a book, essential documents, and a small laptop.

It can hold your essentials, such as your smartphone, wallet, and keys.

When the hustling at work ends, you can bring Birkin 35 with you as you head out for dinner or spend happy hour at a bar.



If you’re going somewhere, that doesn’t require you to carry beyond your phone, wallet, keys, and some small cosmetics, like lipstick, or skincare, like hand cream, then having a Birkin 25 would be perfect.

You might counter some difficulty if you go shopping. Since the Birkin 25 may not be able to be slung over your shoulder, you might need to hold multiple shopping bags in one hand!
A Birkin 30 is great if you feel more comfortable going out with a few snacks, a bottle, or even a small tablet at your disposal.

Alternatively, if you’re going out on a trip with friends, family, or a significant other that may require overnight stays, the Birkin 40 would be much more suitable. It can fit a laptop or touchscreen tablet and even double as a diaper bag if you’re a mother!



For evening nights out on the town, where you want to focus more on simplicity and having fun and less on having to sift through many items in your heavy bag, you can’t go wrong with a Birkin 25.

It’s great for minimal essentials so that you can carry light. Not to mention how many great designs for the Birkin 25 can pair nicely with your chic outfit.


The Final Verdict on Hermès Birkin Bag Sizes

With four luxury tote sizes to choose from, our biggest advice would be to ask to see all four before making a final decision. So you’ll be able to see and feel what each size is like in real life. Sometimes, more than pictures are needed.

With the Birkin 30 being a preferred size, ask whether it is in stock when visiting a Hermès store.

Whichever size you decide on in the end, your investment will be worthwhile, as Hermès bags are always in style and demand.

If you are in the market for a Hermès bag be sure to check out our Hermès Bag Pricing Guide!

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