Why Are Louis Vuitton Bags So ExpensiveLouis Vuitton is one of the most recognized luxury brands around the world. Many people, especially women, covet its iconic handbags.

Their exquisite appeal drips with elegance and prestige. Yet, with this much flair, it indeed comes with a hefty price tag. But why is it so expensive?

We have the answer to that. So if you want to know why Louis Vuitton bags are so expensive, here’s everything you need to know!

How Much Do Louis Vuitton Bags Usually Cost?

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The price range can range anywhere from $1,290 to $55,500.

The Louis Vuitton website divides their bags between women and men.
Under the women’s section are Iconic Monogram bags, leather bags, shoulder and cross-body bags, totes, chain bags and clutches, and mini bags.

Here is the price range by type for women’s Louis Vuitton bags:

Iconic Monogram: $1,290-$6,800

Leather: $1,960-$4,950

Shoulder and cross body: $1,620-$9,500

Tote: $1,960-$6,800

Chain bag and clutch: $1,290-$9,500

Mini: $1,350-$4,300

Under the men’s section are Iconic Monogram bags, leather bags, cross-body bags, totes, the Damier Signature, backpacks, business bags, small bags, and bumbags.

Here is the price range by type of men’s Louis Vuitton bag:

Iconic Monogram: $1,650-$7,450

Leather: $1,820-$3,850

Cross-body: $1,760-$10,300

Tote: $2,440-$4,500

Damier Signature: $1,540-$3,400

Backpack: $2,230-$17,600

Business: $1,830-$55,500

Small and bumbag: $1,540-$32,500


What Makes Louis Vuitton Bags Expensive?

There are many factors, but the price tag reflects the value and quality of the product.

Firstly, Louis Vuitton bags are handmade and produced by skilled artisans. They take months to make, and each piece is unique. Not to mention, the materials used for the bags are quite expensive.
For instance, the Porte-Documents Voyage is made out of a crocodilian mat.

The company also produces limited editions of several of its products. This means that the number of pieces made is small.

Let’s get into greater detail on why Louis Vuitton bags have earned the right to sell at high retail prices and its status as an expensive brand for bags.


Delicate craftsmanship

Where many large corporations adopt mass production to meet customer demand quickly and as much as possible, Louis Vuitton differentiates itself by making its products by hand.

No bulk manufacturing process or machinery could replicate the attention to detail put into every step of creating the bag until it reaches the customer, from sewing to hand painting.

The intricate tailoring enhances the durability of the bag. Having good material is one thing, but processing and refining it is what would make it last.

Louis Vuitton bags can be worn many times and for many years yet not show a single sign of wear and tear. Even vintage pieces still look brand new.


High-quality materials

Louis Vuitton uses quality materials in every aspect of its product lines. From durable leather to coated canvas, Louis Vuitton bags are not just a work of art but are built to last.

The original bags were made of cowhide leather. The way of knowing that the originals aren’t knock-offs is by paying attention to how their color would gradually change from a light brown to a darker shade as time passed.

Several expensive materials used by Louis Vuitton include top-quality leather, crocodile, lambskin, and even boa skin, which boosts the prices of its bags.

Vachetta leather is used in the handles and trim of Louis Vuitton’s canvas bags. In addition, patina, a process whereby leather darkens into a honey-colored hue over time, often occurs in vachetta leather and other vegetable-tanned leather that are high-quality and durable.



You may be able to find Louis Vuitton bags easily on the internet, but this doesn’t guarantee that what you see is the real deal.

Louis Vuitton ensures control over the distribution and availability of its products by selling them through its official website and physical stores.
The quantities for each product tend to be limited as well. Production on a particular product is often suspended by Louis Vuitton the moment it reaches its sales target.

Due to its limited availability, you can only purchase it within a specific timeframe. Therefore, once the opportunity passes, your next best chance would be to purchase from someone who bought it first.

This results in customers buying as fast as possible to avoid missing the opportunity of owning a Louis Vuitton bag.

And don’t expect any excess stock to be sold for a discount. The company forces its unsold bags to be burned rather than sold below their retail price.

For instance, the company created the LV Royal Wedding Petite Malle bag to celebrate Prince Harry’s and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding in 2018. Only 85 bags were made for the occasion.

Products that are out of stock emphasize the exclusivity feel of the item. It shows a combination of limited quantity and high demand.

Therefore, the scarcity of genuine Louis Vuitton bags boosts its value. Typically those that are found on online marketplaces are secondhanded. But, thanks to the brand’s quality, even secondhanded items have a high resale value.


Association with the wealthy

An intangible aspect of the luxury brand is its strong affiliation with those with great stardom or societal influence.

Many modern stars have been brandishing Louis Vuitton bags and other merchandise, such as the Beckhams and the Hadids. The rich and famous of all generations appreciate these bags, but in particular, it’s garnering the younger generation’s appeal.

This connection with celebrities has enabled fast sell-outs. In addition, it has formed customer perception of such luxury items as having a high-status symbol, regardless of whether the star is a part of the fashion industry.


Brand reputation

Last but not least, Louis Vuitton is recognized as one of the big three of the fashion industry. The other two are Hermès and Chanel.

Therefore, when investing in a Louis Vuitton bag, you’re not just purchasing one of their products. You’re also gaining the status and respect that goes with the iconic LV monogram and a unique experience, as even Louis Vuitton stores offer a different shopping experience than other brands.

A Louis Vuitton bag enhances self-esteem and a sense of belonging, as not everyone can own a genuine designer handbag. Luxury handbags are owned by the wealthy, so having such a bag in your collection effectively displays your wealth status.


Our Final Say on Why Louis Vuitton Bags are Expensive

To sum up, Louis Vuitton bags cost as much as they do because of their delicate craftsmanship, the high-quality materials that go into every bag, the exclusivity the brand gives, their association with the wealthy, and the brand’s reputation.

These five key qualities have allowed Louis Vuitton to achieve a superior level of prestige in the fashion industry, enabling it to a rightful place as one of the top three luxury brands in the world.

People willing to invest their money into a genuine Louis Vuitton bag would gain tangible and intangible benefits.

Tangible benefits would be the durability and function of the bag and profits if the bag were resold on the market at a higher price than when you originally purchased it.

Intangible benefits would be gaining a unique shopping experience, the wealth status and exclusivity resulting from it, and respect affiliated with the brand itself.

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