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Year Founded: 1937
Headquarters: Milan, Italy
Company Website:

History and Background

Valextra is a high-end Italian bag maker that prides itself on craftsmanship. This bag brand has classic Italian roots dating back to 1937. Valextra is a Milan based bag brand that was started by Giovanni Fontana.

If you visit their website, you’ll see the artisans, their tools and their actual hands at work on leather. It paints a visceral story of what really went into each bag. We like that in a handbag brand!

We’re also suckers for brands that produce high-quality products that aren’t well known. There’s something about the awesome underdog that makes owning a bag like a Valextra special. No one else has this and it’s obviously one-of-a-kind.

Ironically, Valextra was known in the past for bags they made for men. They specialized in travel bags and luggage for both men and women.

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And having a luggage background means robustness and durability are in their blood. But that doesn’t mean they have a brute touch. Look at this gem below!

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What our Lili Hong has to say about Valextra:

“Typical high-end Italian brand. They have their own unique style that’s them. Boxy, real quality leather. Their specific style: vintage-y retro, 1940s, 1950s looks. The hard leather, the angles, the criss-cross pattern. Cubism. Not cheap. And we all know, Italian leather is the best type of leather. Those bright vibrant colors don’t come cheap. “

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Perfume Cases

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Valextra Super Bag

Bespoke Bags

Valextra offers an initialing service for their bags. These can be embossed in either gold or silver color. Having your bag personalized goes a step further, really making your piece stand out.


•The 24-Hour Bag won the Compasso d’Oro prize in 1954
•They are know for their “Avietta 48” cabin bag
•They created the first “hobo” women’s bag called the “Carita”
•Even though Valextra is an Italian brand, their flagship store is in New York.

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